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University of Houston - Cougar Village - Wheeler District Freshman Housing

As the University of Houston works toward its goal of becoming a residential campus, the latest phase of student housing, Cougar Village (Wheeler District Freshman Housing, Phase 1), provides accommodations for an additional 1,168 students.  The project consists of two-bedroom, shared-bath units with related amenities, support staff, and resident staff/resident assistant apartments.  Amenities will include a reception area/lobby, central and floor lounges, computer room, laundry rooms, multi-purpose classrooms, fitness areas, living-learning center with two staff offices, floor kitchenettes, and vending areas. 

Support spaces include housekeeping and custodial closets, mail center, storage/maintenance rooms, IT and building systems closets, trash room and chute, elevators and equipment room.  Adjacent exterior spaces were designed to encourage outdoor activities and reinforce strong pedestrian/bicycle connections with the campus featuring landscaping, seating, and site lighting.  The project is the first phase of two similarly-sized residence halls to be located along Wheeler Avenue at the southern edge of the campus.

Broaddus & Associates provided scheduling preparation services on behalf of Hardin Construction, the design-build contractor for the project.  The firm assisted with schedule mitigation, as well as provided weekly schedule updates.  Broaddus & Associates also assisted in communication between the contractor and the University of Houston in obtaining agreements to schedule modifications. 

The firm began working with Hardin in January 2010. The project was completed on-time in July, even though they were six to eight weeks behind schedule when Broaddus & Associates started working with them, with only five months left to complete the project.