Why hire a project manager? Many CEOs wonder why their capital construction projects can’t be managed internally (by someone on their current staff) or simply by the architect or general contractor. While this may seem like a good idea at first, it all comes down to expertise, focus and time.

A Project Management firm like Broaddus & Associates allows owners to quickly add and remove staff based on project needs rather than experiencing delays associated with recruiting and hiring personnel. Additionally, there may be costs associated when hiring an internal project manager such as recruiting fees, relocation costs or other on-boarding such as training. Often internal staff assigned to manage a particular capital project lacks the sufficient training and expertise to manage all aspects of the project. In today’s busy construction market, experienced project managers are very difficult to find. A project manager with recent relevant experience willing to relocate for the duration of a project is even rarer. And, once your capital construction project is complete, what will you do with your internal project manager?

Architects and contractors are very capable at their individual responsibilities, and unlike project managers their responsibilities are limited to one component of the entire project. A project manager, however, is involved from the early planning phases through move-in and warranty period. The project manager will assist in developing the entire scope of the project based on client objectives and it focused on the client’s best interest. Because architects and contractors are charged with specific responsibilities, it can be more difficult for them to step back and take a more strategic view of the project from the owner’s perspective. Architects, engineers and contractors can sometimes dictate means and methods as a project manager, significantly increasing the owner’s risk. Research has shown that the owner’s Project Manager is as important as having a good architect or contractor.

At Broaddus & Associates, our Project Managers put the owner’s interest first!