Broaddus & Associates Technology

Broaddus & Associates provides the tools necessary to enhance project management, improve design-phase models, and speed the transition into operations. In addition, Broaddus & Associates provides technical services and solutions to dramatically improve the building process from programming and pre-project planning, through execution of large design and construction programs into turnover and, ultimately, throughout facility operations. In addition to these offerings, Broaddus & Associates always offers a wide array of Owner and AEC training across all our services and with all our projects. This includes registered AGC CM-BIM Certification training.

Broaddus & Associates offers the following services:

Project Management Toolkit (PM+):

Broaddus & Associates – Project Management Toolkit provides consulting and solutions to define and support the project management process throughout the project lifecycle.

Transition to Operations (T2OTM):

Broaddus & Associates is managing BIM-based project delivery and guiding clients to achieve the maximum benefit in a number of areas.  Our experienced staff members successfully oversee BIM planning and implementation with the A/E and construction teams during the project.

Building Information Management and Modeling (BIM2):

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a digital representation of a facility. Models are an important aspect of BIM and within our area of services; but our primary focus is on the definition and management of the model and processes as well as the content and quality of the information contained within.

Broaddus & Associates – Building Information Management and Modeling provides consulting and solutions to define and support Owner BIM requirements, as well as solutions to further realize value from BIM.