Pasadena ISD Houston Advanced Research Center Solar Initiative

Broaddus & Associates served as the owner’s representative on the Pasadena ISD Solar Initiative, which involved the design and construction of three solar installations at Sam Rayburn High School and Sam Houston High School in Pasadena, Texas. This initiative was created as a partnership between Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC), a nonprofit focusing on sustainable development, and the Pasadena Independent School District. The project tests and demonstrates effective usage of solar technology in a school environment. These two schools now have the largest rooftop solar installations among Texas public schools.

As project manager, Broaddus & Associates managed the planning, installation, and integration of large hurricane-resistant photovoltaic projects that were mounted and secured on building roofs and outside walls. The project encompassed power distribution, converter systems, and a web-based system that collects, interprets, and reports the data. Students and teachers can access this data to understand and assess solar installation performance.

The Pasadena ISD Solar Initiative project is expected to create an annual reduction of 172,000 total kilowatt hours and 124 metric tons of carbon dioxide. In addition to the environmental benefits of the project, the installed systems will save the school district around $15,000 in annual energy usage. Broaddus & Associates provided value-added services for a project that not only reduces power expenses and carbon footprint, but also allows students tremendous hands-on knowledge on renewable energy.