McCamey Hospital

Broaddus & Associates served as the project manager through all phases of the construction of McCamey Hospital, a $25 million state-of-the-art critical care hospital, nursing home and rural clinic in McCamey, Texas.  Previously, Broaddus Planning developed the master plan and facilities program for the hospital. The new 65,000 square foot complex was built immediately behind the existing facilities, which was demolished after construction was completed.

Due to the remote location of the project (between Midland and Fort Stockton, Texas) and its proximity to the Cline Shale formations and the Permian Basin oil fields, the availability of materials and labor is very limited. The project team pursued a variety of methods to mitigate the costs of the project. A concrete batch plant will be erected in nearby Rankin, which will serve the McCamey project as well as hospitals being built in Rankin and Big Spring.  Due to shortages in available housing, a workforce housing unit will be permanently installed on-site. Following completion of the project, the unit has been refurbished and turned over to the hospital for use as temporary housing for staff.

The design of the new facilities incorporates 100% non-combustible materials, which is rather unique in the nursing home industry within Texas. Incorporated during the design phase, the use of a panelized exterior wall system in conjunction with pre-engineered metal trusses resulted in direct savings to the project of over $600,000.