Edinburg Consolidated ISD 2008 Bond Program Elementary Schools

In 2008 constituents of Edinburg Consolidated Independent School District passed a $112-million bond to expand their facilities. As part of this bond, Broaddus & Associates was hired to provide program management services for four new elementary schools. The district needed two of the facilities to be completed and usable in 12 months; the other two facilities in 24 months.

Through the selection of a local architectural firm, Rike Ogden Figueroa Allex (ROFA) Architects, and the use of a previously-executed building design the projects were expedited to allow for the timely completion of the facilities.

Four months into the process, a new District Superintendent was brought on board. He who decided that because of redistricting and increased enrollment the third elementary school needed to be brought on board at the same time as the first two schools. With guidance from Broaddus & Associates, the design and construction team were able to bring the third school on-line in a record eight months and were able to open all three schools in time for the 2010 school year.

In addition, Broaddus & Associates was heavily involved in the Construction Manager at-Risk delivery method’s contractor buy-out process. Through careful review of the subcontractor bids and by mass purchasing materials for the buildings simultaneously, Broaddus & Associates helped the district achieve over $1.5 million in savings.