City of San Marcos - Down Master Plan & Facility Assessment

The City of San Marcos Downtown Master Plan is intended to guide a revitalization approach and provide solid recommendations for making physical improvements to downtown that would enhance its functionality as a vibrant central business area, while preserving its historic character. Broaddus & Associates was selected to complete the Downtown Master Plan, with the requirement to include recommendations for improving connectivity along a common boundary between Texas State University and Downtown San Marcos.  

City staff conducted an initial survey to help identify emerging issues related to downtown. The survey revealed that parking solutions, pedestrian/bicycle improvements, design guidelines, commercial/retail development, and infrastructure/traffic improvements need to be addressed to improve and develop the area into a vibrant and pedestrian-friendly downtown. Texas State University is proposing to build a Performing Arts Center along its campus edge that will be a benefit to the downtown as well as the university. Additionally, San Marcos is located in the Austin-San Antonio Intermunicipal Commuter Rail District and is targeted to be a city with a station along the commuter rail line. The San Marcos Downtown Master Plan included recommendations for: 

  • Parking Demand, Supply, Location, and Policies 
  • Pedestrian/Bicycle Improvements 
  • Design Guidelines 
  • Commercial/Retail Development 
  • Infrastructure/Traffic Improvements/Circulation 
  • Downtown and University Connectivity 
  • Commuter Rail 
  • Policies for Development Standards 
  • Implementation Strategies  

The American Planning Association’s Central Texas Section awarded Broaddus Planning the
“2008 Current Plan of the Year” for the City of San Marcos/Texas State University Town Gown Compilation Plan.