Local Government

City of San Marcos Conference Center

This project was a unique partnership between a municipal organization utilizing bond funding sources, and a developer utilizing private resources to construct a combined conference center and hotel facility, while maintaining separate ownership. Broaddus & Associates was selected by the City of San Marcos to oversee the Convention Center portion of this project. The team was successful in accomplishing the owner’s goals due to our understanding of multiple contracting strategies, financial and legal parameters, and experience with multiple stakeholders.

In addition, Broaddus & Associates provided value by suggesting $923,000 in initial cost savings, correcting potential discrepancies, and reducing construction change orders, then implementing $862,000 in additional savings during construction. The city reinvested part of the savings back into the project, and the remaining $200,000 was returned to the city. Due to the Broaddus & Associates team’s involvement and knowledge, there was no litigation at the end of this project, unlike the city’s three prior projects.

The savings were achieved through the implementation of the following services:

  • Recommended and implemented Design-Build as the project delivery strategy
  • Developed Milestone Schedule coordinating all of Owner’s tasks as required by developer pre-Design-Build and Design-Build agreements
  • Developed Life -Cycle Cost Analysis of mechanical systems yielding the lowest long-term operating cost
  • Coordinated selection of Design-Builder for the conference center with that of the hotel to assure coordinated construction and site safety
  • Created and maintained a project-specific website linked to the City of San Marcos’s website
  • Monitored requirements related to the construction activities within the development agreement, bond agreement and lease agreement