Disaster Recovery

City of Pass Christian City Hall and Library

For months after Hurricane Katrina devastated the City of Pass Christian, the community was unable to rebuild its primary government buildings because they were stuck in the state and federal approval processes. Broaddus & Associates was able to expedite the funding processes for almost 80,000 SF of municipal buildings, and has managed or is in the process of managing their completion. In addition, Broaddus & Associates enabled the city to maximize and acquire additional FEMA Public Assistance funding through our thorough and comprehensive knowledge of the Public Assistance program, policies and procedures.

Most importantly, Broaddus & Associates’ ability to formulate and challenge local FEMA policy decisions or guidelines negatively impacting the city has been very beneficial. The firm challenged FEMA’s policy regarding the removal of funding for elevation from a facility if an applicant elects to have an alternate project. FEMA agreed to rescind their policy and allow applicants to receive the funding for elevation. This change in policy initiated by Broaddus & Associates amounted to an additional $687,700 in funding for the City of Pass Christian.

One of the most visible projects is the new City Hall Municipal Complex and Library. Prior to the hurricane, these were two separate facilities, but after a comprehensive redevelopment study and subsequent municipal plan developed by Broaddus Planning, the council of aldermen unanimously voted to combine and re-site these two facilities. When it opened July 2010, it was the first newly constructed library and city hall to open on the Mississippi Gulf Coast since Hurricane Katrina.