Disaster Recovery

City of Moss Point Sewer, Roadway, & Municipal Infrastructure

Moss Point encompasses 25 square miles and has a population in excess of 15,000 citizens. A historic river front city on the Escatawpa River, Moss Point suffered extensive damage by Hurricane Katrina’s storm surge, which was 20 feet high in some areas. The City of Moss Point was devastated by the damages from Hurricane Katrina. Many of their municipal and utility facilities were either leveled and damaged beyond economical repair, or required significant repairs to restore them back to their pre-Katrina condition for use.

Broaddus & Associates was hired by the City of Moss Point in April of 2008; exactly two years and eight months after Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast. During that time, the city was unable to complete any of their seventeen large FEMA projects. Because communication is the cornerstone of our project management process and success, a collaborative communication process involving the city, the designers and contractors has enabled us to complete over 65% of the FEMA Projects in the last two years. The firm is providing the city with tremendous value by re-defining scopes of work that were missed in the initial evaluations after the storm, and through on-site presence of managing the day-to-day challenges that these unique projects present.

Project list includes:

  • Elevated water storage tanks
  • Gas meter & regulator replacement
  • Water meter replacement
  • Sewer grinder pumps & control panels
  • Collapsed sewer repairs
  • 50 wastewater lift stations
  • Riverfront recreation center
  • Pelican Landing Conference Center
  • Pelican Landing parking lot
  • Five park and recreation area sites
  • Sue Ellen Recreational Center
  • City Hall remodel
  • Fire Services building
  • Public Services building remodel
  • Street sign & post replacement
  • DPW main building
  • Riverwalk boardwalk pier & Riverfront Park

Broaddus & Associates is providing full project management services to rebuild and selectively consolidate projects into more cost-effective expenditures of Moss Point’s resources.

Our services include:

  • Managing the repair of damaged facilities
  • Managing the design and construction of new facilities
  • Coordinating multiple funding sources, including FEMA PA funding, Mitigation funds, MEMA funding, grants and insurance
  • Coordinating MEMA and FEMA approval processes
  • Architect, engineer and contractor selections
  • Coordinating all MEMA and FEMA project closeout procedures and necessary documentation