First Responder Facilities

City of Long Beach - Fire Station #2

Broaddus & Associates was hired by the City of Long Beach as its project manager to handle all FEMA public assistance projects. The projects required coordination among the city, architect, and mitigation firm handling the FEMA 404 HMGP scope and process. FEMA coordinated funding from two of its recovery programs to build a 2,700-SF firehouse that will also serve as a shelter for emergency personnel. The updated Fire Station #2 that was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina’s 125 mph winds and 25-ft storm surge. Fire Station #2’s initial programming was for a 11,500 SF, two-story, 2 engine bay facility (with 2,700 SF of the 11,500 SF rated to FEMA-361 design standards for use as a first responders’ shelter).

Broaddus & Associates became involved after the design had been in process for eight months, and ineffective management of FEMA-404 Hazard Mitigation jeopardized design completion. The FEMA 404 process was challenging to the architecture firm since it had not participated in a FEMA-361 shelter HMGP project in the past, and the mitigation firm was not properly managing the project. The FEMA 404 HMGP scope was not properly estimated, and the scope of the shelter did not fulfill the long-term needs of the city. For example, if only 2,700 SF was hardened to FEMA-361 specifications, then the remaining portion of the building would be in danger of collapse and the facility would be useless after a disaster.

After identifying the issues and gaining acceptance from the mayor, fire chief and FEMA, Broaddus & Associates directed the architect in the development of a new funding and cost analysis, in addition to appealing to FEMA for the additional scope and funding. With FEMA 404 approval, the project received $1.4M in additional funding for the shelter portion of the building. As a key public building in Long Beach, it is a functional and attractive first responder shelter, capable of withstanding 200+ mph wind loads.