First Responder Facilities

City of Georgetown - Fire Station #2

The Georgetown Fire Department has served Georgetown, TX, and Williamson County for 130 years. The department has grown from a small volunteer group to an 86-member professional organization. In 2010, the department set goals to open a new fire station, promote new officers, hire staff, and complete the transition from Quint apparatus to the more efficient, quicker engine/truck strategy. The City’s original Fire Station Number 2 was built in 1975 to serve central Georgetown and is part of the Williamson County Hazmat Team. The Hazmat Team’s services include emergency spill response, remediation, and industrial cleanups. Broaddus & Associates was retained to manage the design and construction of a new Fire Station #2 to replace the existing facility.

Broaddus & Associates provided project management and independent owner representation, as per the required government code for Design-Build projects. The project manager assisted with procurement of geotechnical services and the Design-Build team. Broaddus & Associates also developed the budget and schedule. In addition to project management for design and construction of the new fire station, services also included overseeing demolition of the original fire station facility. The existing fire station was kept operational as the new building construction took place.

Broaddus Planning completed programming for the facility, which includes an 18-personnel sleeping/living area, and two full-size and one half-size bays for the firefighting vehicles and equipment. Broaddus Planning met with the City of Georgetown, fire department, IT, and facilities staff to analyze spatial and technical requirements. To complete programming services, Broaddus Planning provided initial design parameters and confirmed the building’s spatial requirements.

Broaddus & Associates assisted Georgetown Fire Department in building a quality fire station that modernized the department and enables the organization to continue protecting life and property for the 50,000-person community.