Broaddus & Associates Staff Promotions
May 02, 2017
Broaddus & Associates has appointed two Senior Project Managers to the role of Associate Vice President in recognition of outstanding tenured project leadership.
Mark Starr has served with us since 2008 on significant projects at Tarrant County, Texas Tech University and the University of North Texas.  He is currently leading our project team for Dallas County on the renovations and construction of their downtown Records Building, which represents the largest project in company history in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.
Brian Fruge joined our team in 2010 as a part of our team at the University Hospital at the Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas.  After supporting projects for the Winston County Medical Center and University of Mississippi Medical Center, Brian is leading our project team at South Texas College, where Broaddus & Associates serves as Program Manager for a $159 million bond program.
The dedication, proactive accountability and professionalism of Mark and Brian embody the advocacy for owners that is the foundation of our firm. This recognition reflects our gratitude for their service and pride in having them as a part of our project leadership.