Broaddus & Associates recognizes that sports and recreation facilities are more than parks, gymnasiums, arenas and stadiums. They serve as the social centers of schools, cities, colleges and parks. The execution of these projects requires more than just a comprehension of how they will be used by athletes, but how they will be used by the entire community.


Our staff of planning, design, construction and management experts have been involved with an incredible array of sports and recreation facilities, including:

  • Baseball and Softball Fields and Stadiums
  • Basketball and Volleyball Courts
  • Football Stadiums
  • Gymnasiums
  • Health and Fitness Centers
  • Ice Rinks
  • Indoor Swimming Facilities and Natatoriums
  • Marinas and Harbors
  • Parks and Playgrounds
  • Recreation Centers
  • Soccer Fields
  • Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Centers
  • Tennis Courts
  • Theaters and Performing Arts Centers

Broaddus & Associates understands the complexity of these facilities and the inherent need for safety, comfort and durability. From planning and design through approval processes, construction and occupancy, our knowledge and careful management of these projects enables our clients to receive the most expedient delivery and the highest value for the cost.

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