Broaddus & Associates has provided planning, consulting, and project management services on a significant number of public sector projects. Dr. James Broaddus and many executives and staff members with our firm have served within public entities, including local, state and federal government, as well as the military. This gives our team a distinct understanding of the importance and obligation of delivering facilities that benefit the community while being good stewards of taxpayer dollars.


As the owner’s representative, we bring experience and a level of communication that mitigates risks and provides predictable outcomes. While designers and contractors have their own objectives and liabilities to cover, protecting the owner’s interest is our top priority. We also recognize that different clients have different needs. We can offer examples where local government entities have engaged us to provide full service program management, or have simply augmented their existing staff.


Today, more than 70% of our current workload is for public sector clients. Our experience includes city halls, administrative offices, government centers, courthouses, medical examiners offices, fire stations, police stations, jails and detention centers, conference centers, water/wastewater facilities and public works projects. 


We are well acquainted with the local governments and institutions in the areas we serve because we are active members of our communities. Our employees work and live in the areas that will benefit from capital improvements, and take special pride in the services we provide.


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