Broaddus & Associates understands the specific requirements associated with planning and constructing housing facilities as a part of capital improvement projects. Our focus on consistently combining proven project procedures (referred to as Best Practices) with unmatched experience from our professionals has resulted in the successful delivery of housing for both public and private owners.


Our firm has managed the construction or renovation of student dormitories for higher education clients and vacation condominiums for development entities. Additionally, our team offers experience with military barracks and family housing projects. Our emphasis on the importance of scheduling on all projects has been particularly useful on housing initiatives, where completing facilities on time is vital to meeting school semester schedules and holiday “peak” seasons.


Broaddus & Associates knows that housing projects cannot be viewed as “stand alone” structures that are judged simply by the number of beds they contain. They must be managed with an understanding of how facilities work with the surrounding community and must account for parking, roadways, campus planning, recreation facilities, mixed-use retail, recreation, shopping, educational facilities, and security. The result has been buildings which meet the requirements of our clients while cohesively fitting into the community they support.


As with all of our projects, our standard with housing is to assertively represent the owner and create savings that exceed our fee.

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