As more academic centers, federal agencies and private organizations pursue scientific research and development, their laboratory and research facilities must meet the needs of their personnel and the research they are conducting without posing a threat to the environment and the community. No other market benefits from Broaddus & Associates' project management practices more than research laboratory facilities.


We understand the critical demands and issues required by these facilities and employ the practices, procedures and standards necessary to overcome these challenges. We have significant experience with this type of facility and have managed projects ranging from simple classroom lab areas to high and maximum containment facilities (BSL-3 and BSL-4, respectively). A majority of our $6 billion project portfolio comprises healthcare and laboratory programs, and our professional staff offers specific experience that is unmatched in our industry.


As the complexity of the facility rises, our staff adopts stringent standards to ensure all design, physical and certification requirements are achieved. Our typical management approach is unyielding when it comes to design review, constructability oversight, systems testing and access control. In addition, our staff's level of laboratory and research experience ensures that we will skillfully and effectively add value for our clients.


We understand the unique challenges involved with laboratory projects, whether large or small, and have the expertise to manage their complex requirements.

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