While infrastructure projects often receive less recognition than some high-profile building projects, they are some of the most important initiatives undertaken for a community. Our role with these types of projects takes several forms: some of our clients require the development of infrastructure to support their ongoing building program, while other clients are entities specifically responsible for the management of infrastructure. Regardless of the project, our focus is providing all stakeholders with resources that not only meet their basic needs, but also promote economic growth, achieve sustainable goals and provide the most effective use of the owner's budget.


Broaddus & Associates adheres to the same research-proven Best Practices on infrastructure projects as we do on building projects. While project size and complexity vary greatly, we rely on the experience and knowledge of our staff to successfully deliver these projects with a unique perspective on planning, permitting, design and construction.


We also recognize how the need for infrastructure projects develops, and the distinct approach to managing a response. They are rarely built proactively, but rather typically in reaction to an existing necessity. This is why our expertise in alternate delivery methods, schedule optimization, fast-tracking and life-cycle analysis ensures that these projects are delivered in the most economical and expedient fashion.


Our portfolio of projects includes reconstruction, replacement, repair and expansion of utility plants, water supply, wastewater and treatment facilities, mechanical systems, lift stations, parking facilities, ports and harbors. This breadth of experience brings value through our specialized understanding of this type of work.

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