Today, higher education institutions have a more symbiotic relationship with their communities than ever before. In addition to serving as the learning center of a community, colleges and universities are increasingly becoming resources that drive business through incubators and research. And the more institutions connect with and engage the area they serve, the greater the return they receive in the form of students, faculty and funding. With this in mind, Broaddus & Associates assists owners with managing capital improvement projects that reflect the mission of the higher education institutions.


Our firm was founded because of a need identified by Dr. James Broaddus while serving at one of the largest university systems in the country. Higher education construction projects require a program manager with a detailed understanding of the intricacies of the planning, programming, design, and construction processes necessary to ensure projects remain on schedule, under budget, and produce facilities that provide value to a campus. Dr. Broaddus, along with our staff members and executives, understands the challenges faced by colleges and universities because they have served as higher education clients themselves. This unique perspective is one of the advantages that differentiates Broaddus & Associates from other service providers in the industry.


This understanding also enables us to adapt to each owner's specific needs. We can utilize our research-proven Best Practices to manage a single project or an entire program, or we can serve a specific role by supplementing a client's existing staff. Our project portfolio spans from new ground-up campuses to single facilities, including academic healthcare, art centers, laboratories, athletic facilities, libraries, student centers and academic offices.


All the while, we remain cognizant of each institution's approval procedures, funding processes, and fixed calendars. We recognize the value each of the stakeholders brings to the process, and we are good stewards of the institution's funds, whether private or public.


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