Broaddus & Associates believes that excellence in education is best achieved with facilities that support the mission and long-term goals of educators.  This is personified by our experience with K-12 facilities. Our firm has been engaged by school districts in a variety of roles, from full owners representation on $100 million bond programs to consulting services for ADA compliance. Our diverse experience includes managing projects that include the construction or renovation of classrooms, athletic facilities, performing arts centers, administrative offices, playground areas, solar energy systems, cafeterias and auditoriums.


In addition to the standards of performance expected of our services, we understand that K-12 projects must include a high level of community involvement. These projects are funded by taxpayers who expect value for their investment, and our firm makes certain that all stakeholders are involved and informed through our management of the programs. These initiatives include participation in community meetings, school board updates, project information web sites, and financial reporting that ensures the transparency necessary on publically funded projects.


Our commitment on K-12 projects is that our involvement will create value that exceeds our fee. While some firms may suggest these savings are intangible, Broaddus & Associates has historically documented direct hard-cost savings on our projects. These figures have shown that our ability to create value is even more viable on K-12 projects than other disciplines. As a result, our firm has been able to deliver exceptional facilities that meet the needs of a community, while fulfilling the strict requirements of project budgets.


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