When a natural disaster strikes, a community’s priority is the health and safety of its citizens. While much attention is given to rebuilding individual homes, elected officials and community leaders must ensure that the city’s roads, water supply, schools, hospitals, and facilities that host first responders and other public employees are quickly restored to provide the services necessary to the community.


The incredible need generated by these disasters often stretches a community’s resources to a breaking point. This is where an established, experienced firm like Broaddus & Associates can help.


Broaddus & Associates’ commitment to disaster recovery is very personal. In his 20 years of service with the Navy, Dr. Broaddus’ duties as a U.S. Navy Civil Engineer Corps Officer and Seabee included recovery efforts from Hurricane Frederic while he was stationed at the Naval Construction Battalion Center Gulfport, Mississippi. He was personally aware of the hardships endured by communities recovering from natural disasters, so when Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast, Dr. Broaddus made a commitment to assist these communities rebuild.


Since that time, Broaddus & Associates has provided an array of project management and consulting services, including managing the design and construction of public projects with multiple funding sources, such as FEMA, grants and insurance.


The experience of our staff, former U.S. Navy Civil Engineer Corps Officers and other disaster management professionals, has provided a wide array of disaster recovery services. Together, we are committed to assist communities in need with the management and supervision of their capital reconstruction programs.


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