Alamo Colleges Saves Over $6 Million With Broaddus + Project Control
Apr 22, 2009

SAN ANTONIO, TX, April 22, 2009 - Broaddus + Project Control has assisted Alamo Colleges (formerly known as Alamo Community College District) in saving its taxpayers over $4 million in construction of Northeast Lakeview College and over $2 million on Northwest Vista College. The colleges' board of trustees has authorized Chancellor Bruch H. Leslie to reapply the savings to complete remaining campus projects. The design and construction story behind these campuses show Alamo Colleges leaders' dedication to maintain access to higher education and strengthen the educational institution's financial capabilities.


In November 2005, Bexar County voters approved a $450-million bond proposal to support the growing Alamo Colleges student population, which is currently above 52,000. Broaddus & Associates plus Project Control were selected by Alamo Colleges to become the program manager for new construction of the $125-million Northeast Lakeview College and $106-million renovations/additions at Northwest Vista College.


The bond issue passed when construction costs were experiencing double-digit inflation for building materials and labor. The traditional low-bid project delivery method risked being over budget and timely. Broaddus + Project Control suggested the construction manager at-risk alternate project delivery method, which would require a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) quote from the contractor. The program manager held several presentations for the board of trustees and citizens' oversight committee to display this method's advantages, especially in light of construction market conditions. After the board's go-ahead, Broaddus + Project Control assisted in creating the request for proposal to select construction managers and in writing the contract.


An innovative, team-oriented approach was built among Associate Vice Chancellor of Facilities John Strybos, the architects (Ford Powell & Carson, Overland Partners, Alamo Architects, and Marmon Mok), the contractors (Austin Commercial and Bartlett Cocke), and Broaddus + Project Control. The design and construction team was launched to expand higher education opportunities for Bexar County and beyond.


Northeast Lakeview College is a 238-acre campus that will eventually accommodate 15,000 students. The campus plaza is bordered by several buildings, including the library, which has solar-controlled blinds and sound-absorbent ceiling tiles. The campus plaza views west to an expansive field dotted with plants leading to the lake. A 106-foot clock tower centers the campus, and symbolizes a sense of community.


Initially, considerable rainfall for weeks caused construction delays. Broaddus + Project Control suggested a fast-track approach. Once approved by Alamo Colleges, all work was divided into stages. GMP 1 was issued only for the sitework, which started as foundation and structure prices were being conducted as GMP 2. This process allowed an approximate 30-day gain, thereby making up for lost time. For both campuses, Broaddus + Project Control collaborated with the architects to develop schedules for the design phases. Phase I of project management included a 65,000-sq.-ft. academic building, 26,000-sq.-ft. science building, a 20,000-sq.-ft. career tech facility, and 21,000-sq.-ft. physical plant/facilities office. Parking for 1,800 vehicles, utility infrastructure, and landscaping are also completed.


Owner In-SiteTM, a web-based management system designed by the program manager, was used to track information and status of the design and construction phases. The data was readily accessible to all team members to facilitate communication and rapid decision-making.


Northwest Vista College is a 137-acre campus that combines its scenic Hill Country setting with modern facilities to support more than 12,000 students. The campus core is its lake. Broaddus + Project Control coordinated with San Antonio Water System (SAWS) to install reuse water lines for this lake. However, SAWS informed that the lines would not be available on time. Broaddus + Project Control met with SAWS, and a discount was offered to Alamo Colleges to fill the lake with potable water, until the lines are complete. Project additions included a 76,000-sq.-ft. academic center, 41,000-sq.-ft. library, and a new physical plant plus additions to the old facility totaling 8,000-sq.-ft. Parking, infrastructure, and landscaping were also incorporated.


Thanks to Alamo Colleges' leadership and effective teamwork among the design and construction team, two large-scale project phases have finished on-time with cost savings handed back to the colleges. Unlike a low-bid contract, the district's construction manager at-risk contract requires Alamo Colleges to receive any savings between the contractor's actual cost and prior GMP quotes. Broaddus + Project Control is proud to assist building quality academic centers to create a world-class workforce for Bexar County and the nation.