Jeffrey Broaddus
Senior Associate

Jeff Broaddus serves as Senior Associate for Broaddus & Associates.  Mr. Broaddus’ leadership experience enables him to be involved and committed to successful completion of his projects.  Mr. Broaddus consults on projects requiring expertise in law enforcement and firearms training facilities, public safety and emergency operations centers, detention and court and federal facilities.


Prior to joining Broaddus & Associates, Mr. Broaddus was a Special Agent of the U.S. Secret Service, where he performed a full spectrum of duties including anti-terrorism site security plans, physical security, fire and life safety, mechanical, and environmental assessments.  An important aspect to his duties was his role as a criminal investigator, gaining valuable experience related to criminal justice facilities including city and county jails, federal detention centers, courthouses, and entry control points.  Mr. Broaddus has experience in the proper handling and transport of prisoners in both federal and local law enforcement settings.  As a certified Secret Service Firearms Instructor, Mr. Broaddus gained valuable insight to an owner’s perspective of the design and use of the entire spectrum of law enforcement training facilities.  He is currently certified as a Texas Peace Officer and EMT, spending time instructing law enforcement personnel in critical incident response and the tactical employment of firearms. 


Mr. Broaddus is a combat veteran of the Marine Corps Infantry, currently serving in the Marine Corps Reserve at the rank of Major.  In this role, he has led and mentored groups of Marines at many levels, from a small staff of senior subject-matter expert instructors to a reinforced infantry company in combat.  He has also been responsible for the management, coordination, scheduling, and logistics associated with pre-operational planning for training and combat operations alike.  Mr. Broaddus holds a Bachelor of the Arts in International Studies and History from Texas A&M University.

Jeffrey Broaddus | Senior Associate