Bexar County Hospital District/University Health System Master Facility Plan

The Bexar County Hospital District, owners of the University Health System (UHS), selected Broaddus Planning to provide master facility planning services. These services included a capital investment strategy and physical master plan that reflect current and projected market dynamics, expected workload volumes and revenue operating costs (especially staffing), and process improvement initiatives, and changes in technology.

UHS identified the development of a Master Facility and Business Plan that reflects community needs and partnership opportunities as a high priority. Broaddus Planning assisted with the planning input from the Board of Managers level committees, senior staff, physician leaders and key partners, including the Medical School of The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, for which UHS serves as the primary teaching hospital.

The planning area included the main hospital site located within the South Texas Medical Center and the UHS Downtown Clinic. Key facilities at both locations had become constrained programmatically, physically and operationally. The master plan is based on key strategic underpinnings developed jointly with UHS staff, demographic analysis, market share analysis and demand projections. These early goals and underpinnings, together with thorough analysis of facilities and sites at both locations, became the basis for informing the overall preliminary plan. The resulting master facility plan is developed to identify key strategic priorities for both near- term critical projects and broader long-term system initiatives.