Higher Education

​Texas State University - San Marcos Campus Master Plan

Because of our past experience and success in planning and project management of programs for higher education, institutional and research, Texas State University-San Marcos selected Broaddus Planning to prepare a 10-year Campus Master Plan.

Texas State is presently identified as a “space deficit” campus by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, and is planning a projected expansion from 26,000 to approximately 30,000 students in coming years. The long-range comprehensive plan identifies opportunities and constraints and guides future growth, while the 10-year plan identifies immediate, near-term projects. The master plan includes documentation of the past history and growth of the campus, as well as a space needs assessment to project academic growth by program, department and support functions over the coming ten years. The plan also integrates analysis of transportation systems.

Based on future growth projections, the master plan identifies issues related to building and land use, academic and non-academic facilities, open space and pedestrian circulation, campus utilities infrastructure, transportation and parking, regulatory and environmental issues, and specific landscape and architectural design guidelines for future projects. The plan includes specific projects in a Capital Improvement Program (CIP), which is currently being implemented. The effort was lauded by Texas State President Denise Trauth as the most collaborative process in which she has ever been involved.

Upon completion, the client stated, “The Board of Regents approved the Campus Master Plan unanimously with no questions. In fact, there has never been a time in the history of Regents’ meetings when a Board has applauded after being briefed on a master plan. Congratulations on a job well done.”